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"Mellow Vibes"

Read about Upful in Jamaica Gleaner: Dream House | Retirement property filled with rural-modern country charm

We're delighted to be featured in Adventures from Elle's 8 Best Villas in Jamaica. "With floor-to-ceiling louvered windows, high vaulted ceilings and nature-inspired décor, each room at Upful Villa lives up to its name by inspiring breezy happy ‘upful’ vibes." Read more here.


For more about Treasure Beach:

"Welcome to a unique part of Jamaica that gets all the facets of the quintessential Caribbean experience exactly right. Winding country lanes, a dearth of hustlers, a local population of poets and artists, deserted beaches, no gimmicky resorts, and – above all – a proud, foresighted local community that promotes sustainability and harbors a bonhomous but mellow culture." Read more at Lonely Planet.

Treasure Beach and exploring the South Coast is on Lonely Plant's Best In Travel 2023 list.

Treasure Beach is also listed as one of Jamaica's essential experiences by Lonely Planet:

"Enjoy mellow vibes at Treasure Beach.

The antithesis to the brash beach resorts of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios, Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s south coast is a timeless, offbeat village spread out across four coves – Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay and Great Bay – a community of fishermen, artists and other bohemians.

A mellow vibe prevails; there are no hustlers here, and largely deserted beaches greet you. Locally owned guesthouses are the norm." Read more here.

Also have a look at Lonely Planet's Top Things To Do in Treasure Beach.


Treasure Beach also was listed on USA Today Travel's: 100 places we're yearning to travel in 2021 and beyond:

"Treasure Beach, Jamaica: This corner of Jamaica isn’t ridden with high-rise hotels or tourist attractions. It’s a slow commune with nature, Caribbean pride and the recentering I long for in 2021. Time slows here and is exactly the type of intimate travel I crave and can’t wait to return to. – Kristin Braswell, USA TODAY travel contributor (Twitter: @crushglobal, Instagram: @crushglobal)


"This part of the Island is where travellers come to relax, eat local Jamaican food, practice yoga, explore nature, mingle with the locals and get a dose of Jamaican culture." Read more: Why we love Treasure Beach, Jamaica - Globetotting


"Once the vibe of Treasure Beach hits you, it won’t be long till you fall in love too!" Treasure Beach: An Escape from the Touristy Chaos


"As a beach destination, Treasure Beach is heaven—or the next closest thing to heaven. Here are the reasons. For starters, it’s so quiet and serene. One feels literally transported out of the world. It’s the sound of crashing waves, the magical views of the ocean extending to the distant horizon, and the blue curtain that’s charmingly stretched out overhead—that immediately strikes a visitor. The vibe is slow-paced and laid-back. Even the birds that fly overhead don’t seem to be in a hurry. It’s only the huge waves that ripple the ocean surface that doesn’t appear to pick the cue—many times hurrying to the shore in heart-sinking swirls. And then there’s the sand..." Read more: Here's What Treasure Beach Is Known For (& Why You Should Go) - The Travel


"Above all, Treasure Beach is focused on environmentalism, healthy natural lifestyles and sustainable development in a way I’ve never appreciated in any other Jamaican community. ". Treasure Beach, - Adventures From Elle